The Bulgarian Cultural Center of Baltimore (BCCB) is seeking a qualified and energetic Academic Director/Administrator to lead the school operations and to be a trusted advisor to the Board of Directors on academic and school administration affairs. The position will report to the BCCB’s Board of Directors and is an ideal opportunity for anyone with a passion for preserving the Bulgarian culture and spirit in the greater Baltimore area. This is a part-time opportunity with a commitment (as described below) of about 5 hours per week, mostly concentrated in the months of August through April. Attendance at school every Saturday is desirable but not required. Competitive compensation will be offered commensurate with experience and commitment, and in consideration with the nonprofit and volunteer-based nature of the organization.

If interested, please contact Nina Bankova, [email protected] or (443) 600-1281 no later than July 31st.

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Description of the position
The Academic Director/Administrator (referred also as “Director”) of BCCB, selected and appointed by
the BCCB’s Board of Directors, is responsible for the management of the school and its operations and
for the implementation of the policies approved by the Board of Directors and as dictated by the
Bulgarian Ministry of Education (MON). The Director, assisted by the Treasurer, monitors school
financial accounts and records and regularly reports to the Board as to the financial condition and results
of the operation of BCCB. The Director is key in setting the curriculum plan and reports on all education
matters to the Board, including performance updates of students and faculty. The Director has the
authority to appoint and discharge teachers and other employees of the School, with the approval of the
Board of Directors as well as supervise the admission, instruction and discipline of all students. The
Director, along with other Board of Directors members, is the main liaison with all stakeholders to
include teachers, parents, alumni(ae), other relevant organizations as well as the applicable education and
other regulatory institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria.

● Help the Board design and enforce the school calendar and curriculum
● Serve as the main point of contact for the Bulgarian Ministry of Education (MON) (in
conjunction with (a) board member(s))
● Maintain school records for the Bulgarian Ministry of Education (MON)
● Manage school accounts to include financial and performance records
● Oversee the work of teaching and administrative (if applicable) personnel
– Advises teachers on any students or parents issues
– Ensures that regular parent-teacher conferences take place
– Support teachers with curriculum and professional development insights
● Lead the selection of textbooks and school materials
● Manage class placement for incoming students including advising parents in the process
● Represents BCCB before the community at large (in conjunction with the Board of Trustees)
● Liaise with the parents committee and attends their meetings
● Report monthly to the Board of Trustees and assist the Board in the decision-making process
● Lead monthly staff meetings
● Liaise with all teachers in the coordination of school events
● Contribute in shaping the vision for the organization through new initiatives, improved processes,
refined outreach strategy, etc.

Required Skills
● Proficient in the Bulgarian language (at least verbally)
● Some degree of teaching/pedagogy experience
● Administrative experience

Desired Skills
● Ability to speak in public
● Familiarity with social media platforms
● Familiarity with the requirements of the Bulgarian MON rules and regulations

Competitive compensation will be offered commensurate with experience and commitment, and in
consideration with the nonprofit and volunteer-based nature of the organization.