Nevena Vitanova, Teacher

Nevena has specialized in Pedagogy and Psychology and also holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the Technical University in Sofia. She comes from a family of professional folklore musicians – Nevena’s grandmother was a longtime performer with the National Ensemble “Philip Koutev” and her dad is a professional gadulka player with a number of international performances. She is not only a folklore singer, with multiple stage performances since she was three, but she is also a Bulgarian folklore dancer whose performances were recorded by the Bulgarian National Radio, filmed by the Bulgarian National Television as well as the televisions of Norway and Canada. Nevena enjoys following the high fashion trends, likes to create organic collages, and also likes swimming, hiking, traveling and meeting new people.

On her role with BCCB, she says, “I joined BCCB because I deem of great importance the preservation of the Bulgarian language, traditions and culture and I would like to contribute to this cause.”